Our Practitioners


Kerrin Murnane

Principal Osteopath
B.App.Sci(Osteo) M.Osteo

After working for many years in busy clinics as an associate, Kerrin established Sutherland Osteopathy in 2008.  Ever since, she has successfully strived to make Sutherland Osteopathy not only a place where people come for pain relief, resolution and management of their ailments, but also a calm and friendly environment, where members of our local community can feel welcome.

Kerrin is passionate about her chosen profession. She enjoys what she does and hopes that this is reflected in the way her osteopathic skills are employed.

Kerrin has lectured at University level in Anatomy and various Osteopathic techniques, also carrying out the role of a Clinical Supervisor and Examiner in the UWS Allied Health Student Clinic.  This interest in education is also reflected in the manner by which she continues to update her knowledge and understanding of her profession, the wider field of health, and areas of patient care.  In recognition and evidence of Kerrin’s professional conduct, she has recently been invited to sit as a Practitioner Member on the Osteopathic Tribunal, giving her the opportunity to ensure the standards and reputation of her chosen profession are maintained.

Her special areas of interest are musculoskeletal pain, arthritic pain, headaches, jaw pain. vertigo and Women’s health.  

Kerrin  has an understanding and appreciation of the busy-ness of modern life and the external demands placed upon us.  She strives to help her patients be the best version of themselves, and aims to help people obtain balance and happiness in their lives.


Nicole Rogers

Osteopath- Senior Associate
B.App.Sci(Osteo) M.Osteo
B.Arts (Cont.Dance)

Nicole, the Senior Associate Osteopath at Sutherland Osteopathy, is a wonderful Osteopath. Her compassionate and caring nature is always reflected in her patient care.  Nicole has an in-depth understanding of Osteopathy, anatomy, rehabilitation and patient complaints that has developed over her years of experience, however she is continually researching and investigating new and developing information.  

Nicole has been closely involved in dance through her own extensive dancing, having had owned a dance school and involvement with professional dance and theatrical performers. This gives her a wealth of experience and interest in dance/sporting injuries.

Alison Fisher

Osteopath- Associate
B.App.Sci(Osteo) M.Osteo

Alison is a graduate from Unitec in Auckland, New Zealand where she gained her Bachelor in Applied Science and Master of Osteopathy.  Alison has been a valued associate of Sutherland Osteopathy since 2013.

Outside of work Alison enjoys a range of sports including climbing, cycling, soccer and hockey. Her interest in Osteopathy originally stemmed from her own experience with sports injuries and, through this, she has developed a keen interest in the influence of exercise and daily living upon the body.  Alison is an Osteopath who works with a beautiful blend of enthusiam, patient compassion, and skill.

Joseph Henry

Osteopath- Associate
B.App.Sci(Osteo) M.Osteo

Joe is originally from the Northern Rivers.  He graduated from Southern Cross University and has moved to Sydney looking to further develop his practical experience and continuing education.  Joe treats in a predominantly structural manner, utilising a wide range of techniques to tailor his approach to suit individual patient needs and preferences.  He enjoys seeing the quality of his patients lives improve as a result of their Osteopathic treatment.  As a result of his own health experience, Joe has a particular interest in diabetic management and nutrition.  Joe is a down to earth, honest practitioner who enjoys his healthy and active lifestyle, and is a much valued member of the Sutherland Osteopathy team.


Lea Tsekouras

Remedial Massage Therapist
Dip.Rem.Mas. Cert.4 Sports Trainer

Lea commenced working at Sutherland Osteopathy after being highly recommended by a member of the teaching staff at TAFE, now many years later, she remains to be our reliable and effective Massage Therapist.  Lea’s training and natural inclination to apply her skills with care and detail, renders her massage sessions to be of a very high standard.  Each session is carefully planned, based on your presentation that day, medical history and response to previous treatments.

Lea has a genuine interest in health and well-being.  She loves her chosen career- a fact that is evident in her consistently happy and caring attitude.